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In May 2020 Artspace Pelto has been closed. Toward New Fields, Hoplaiaa! Thank you all Dear Friends, You made Pelto possible through these years. We will keep and Facebook active, and this list, keep checking what will happen... Take care!

Yours very sincerely,

Maria Salangina and Osku Leinonen

About MO theatre and Butoh-dance

MO theatre creates and performs unique works that draw one’s inspiration from nature, myths, dreams, and moments of now. Osku Leinonen and Masha Salangina established MO theatre in 2009. Our affection for Butoh dance, Visual Arts, Video Art, and Qigong, and passion toward humane, creative and positive life, illuminates our art and our existence. Masha and Osku lives in Tampere, Finland.

“Butoh is a unique and versatile form of art. Butoh, which we create and teach, is butoh dance as we understand, feel and live it; our aim is to contact the essence of the participants, to tap into his/her embryonic and latent source. As every human being is a singular creation, the copycat syndrome and the clone division must be avoided at all costs. Butoh helps in liberating the conformist person. Butoh is about comprehensive human beauty, aesthetics that mature on ethics, and a humane way to understand love, energy, life, and self. Butoh is also an interesting form of performing art, a form of dance (without form), and a creative, adaptable way to practice body, mind, and spirit. Butoh is the art of awareness, the art of interaction, the art of life.”

Osku Leinonen Fine Art Photography and Photo Retouching 2021

Visualising Butoh Dance

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